Meet Kate

Hello, my name is Kate Baker. 

I am so excited for this new adventure at Green Tree Montessori. 

I was first drawn to Montessori education 10 years ago while working a summer job at a preschool. I immediately saw a difference in the way children were learning – it was a child-centered approach with a prepared environment for the child to be independent. I saw the joy in the children’s eyes when they were able to do for themselves and learn at their own pace and interests.

After obtaining my degree in Early Childhood education, I knew Montessori was the place for me. I became a certified teacher in Montessori education for children three to six years of age and have been a lead teacher for five years. I am currently obtaining my Infant & Toddler Montessori certification for children from birth to age three. 

I’m looking forward to offering a program that focuses on the youngest of children and their needs. Green Tree Montessori will provide a peaceful and nurturing environment allowing the child to meet their highest potential.